• ACHI IR-PRO-SC V3 BGA Rework Station for Xbox 360 Repair, PS3 Repair , Laptop Repair....
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ACHI IR-PRO-SC V3 BGA Rework Station for Xbox 360 Repair, PS3 Repair , Laptop Repair....

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1)ACHI IR-PRO-SC is also called ACHI PRO SC or IR-PRO-SC, it is an IR BGA rework station using advanced dark infrared technology.


2)It can be used to repair CBGA, CCGA, CSP, QFN, MLF, PGA and  all the green epoxy type μBGA.

3)It is designed to repair notebook,desktop, switch and also XBOX360, PS3... and CPU block, various shield cover and component slot and so on.

4)IR-PRO-SC is of high integration Design, the smaller workbench, non-mixed cables and the convenient operation –all the process of soldering controlled by a button.

5)The height of Top heating head may adjust by rotating the handle. The Top Infrared heater could rework BGA ICs of large size up to 70*70mm.

6)The Linear guide type Bracket for BGA Reworks can be locked,adjusted by rotating the handle, It can fix PCB board easily, effectively prevent PCB board from deformation.

7)IR-PRO-SC can be connected to a computer with a built-in PC RS232 serial port. It can be controlled by the software. it can set up 8 rising temperature segments and 8 constant temperature segments to control. It can save 10 groups of temperature curves at one time.

8)The fan could cool the PCB fast and efficiently. Large ir bottom heater(260mm*245mm)could heat the PCB evenly to avoid its deformation. The rate of successful soldering is higher.

9)The top&bottom temperature areas heat independently. The sensitive temperatrue sensor could get the accurate data and the instantaneous information.. The closed-loop temperature control system offers the alarm funciton and the cutting of the power supply automatically.

10)The innovative design gets over the problem of ir heating rework station heating slowly and disorderly caused by the air flow. It can easy deal with the solder free soldering. The max temperature is up to 400 °C.

11)We also have ACHI IR-PRO-SC V2 and ACHI IR-PRO-SC V4 for you selection.

Is there any one with almost the same function but cheaper then ACHI IR-PRO-SC? What is the difference?

Of couse yes, ACHI has another new model called ACHI IR 6000, it is also very popular in the SMD reworking field.

You can refer to our blog the for the question: What are the differences between ACHI IR 6000 and ACHI PRO SC?

About the warranty, you can refer to our blog: Achi ir 6000 and ACHI IR-PRO-SC Warranty and Guaranty.

What others you may need?

1.BGA stencils, if you are not  familiar with reworking skills, you can buy our 80*80cm, 90*90cm bga stencil, you need to use them with our 80*80 and 90*90 reball station. If you are already very skillful, you can but our hotten directly BGA stencil, they are with the same size as the BGA chip you need to repair.

2. Soldering wire and desoldering braid, high temperature kapton tape.

3.Solder ball and solder flux.

4.Others like Tweezer, anti-static gloves, scraper.

5.Zoom microscope for testing the repairing result is also important for you.

6.If you repair PS3 and Xbox360, you need xbox360 support and PS3 support to help fix the PCBA .

Product Reviews:

     AWSOME, July 10, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    This thing is a work horse i have well over 150 reballs with it and i couldn't even tell you how many reflows has never failed me yet
     Good unit for game consoles., July 17, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    This unit is a pretty solid machine for doing game console rework. For extensive profile information see spitfiremods.com.
     JSGljCNlsoIwA, July 29, 2011 ( FEATURED REVIEW )
    Knowlegde wants to be free, just like these articles!
     , December 23, 2013
     , March 26, 2014

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